Bunker was a very vocal cat, talking to us all the time. He taught us to know exactly what he was saying with each type of meow. It seems very quiet around the house now.

He liked sleeping with his head up against something (like pictured here).

Bunkie weighed just under 16 pounds before he got sick. He was a big boy!

Jasper was such a loving cat -- full of charm, always talking, entertaining in all his special ways -- a real character. He was a very important member of our family for all of his 16 years. We feel very fortunate to have had him with us for such a long time, but it was still not long enough. We miss him, but we will always have the 16 years full of wonderful memories that he gave us.

The following image is taken from a sympathy card we received from some of our animal friends.

 This is a Hallmark card.

Goodbye Bunkie, we love you! Say "hello" to Amos for us.

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